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TODAY'S MEDITATION & PRAYER FOCUS: (Friends n foes) Wednesday

Topic: Keys To Heaven: Righteousness of Law and Faith of Gospel

Meditation: Rom. 10: Apostle Paul here writes to dispel the confusion surrounding the unbelieving Jews single focus of the practice of the law resulting in their perception of righteousness approved by the Lord. Versus the Santification of the Gospel and the obedience to the law, which brought to the Gentiles the privilege of becoming heirs with Christ of the Kingdom. Apostle Paul explains do not press duty(laws practice) without privilege(gospel knowledge & faith) as the way to heaven because holiness and obedience must go together. The difference between unbelieving Jews, believing Gentile converts and Israelite Tribe Jews is justification and salvation. Let us not be deceived as Israelite Tribe nations who are in fact, believing Jews. As well as converts from the Roman Catholic established church-state religions who become believers in the full gospel and obey the law practice to become Gentile Converts.

Prayer: Father we lift up all Friends n foes throughout the day during our time in our Prayer Rooms. Thank You for the laws (Psalms of Prayers) & (I Thess 5:16-17) which give prayer to us as a daily practice of our faith in the Gospel. In the name of Yashyah (Savior) Christ. Ahman

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