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TODAY'S MEDITATION & PRAYER FOCUS: (Friends n foes) Wednesday

Topic: When Christ Calls Your Name Angels Appear

Meditation: Genesis 16: Patriarch Moses records the trouble Sara & Abraham created because they enlisted Hagar into their sin of inpatience while waiting for the Lord to fulfill his promise to them that Sara would bear and child. As a result, Hagar is afflicted with pride and despises both Abram and Sara and leaves their employ and her life with covering and favor from the Lord. An Angel was sent to her in the wilderness and she was told not to got back to Egypt where she was from because it was a sinful nation, but to return to Abram and Sara. Hagar could not see her future but the Lord knew the plans he had for her and she would be blessed through the son she conceived with Abram whose name was Ishmael. Hagar did what the Angel said and was blessed for many generations by Ishmael.

Prayer: Father we lift up Friends, neighbors n foes today. Thank You for loving each of your children whom you create by the predestinate seed from conception. Thank You for Your ministering Angels which see all wherever we are. Thank You for knowing our tomorrow to our end. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit which guides us into all truth and righteousness. Thank You for Christ which teaches us that transformation process which transforms us daily, we pray for the quick return of Christ in the name of Yashyah Ahman.

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