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September 2021/22


World Outreach Prayer Warriors Without Walls

Have you heard about the Shemitah Blessings?



In these scriptures we are told many things are very “observable,” (“manifestations” is the word that comes to mind here).  God reveals his secrets to his servants the prophets; and yet without a revelation we may foresee that when “mans judgments run down like a river,” God’s “mercy” will also.” Rain is the River of God.  I Kings 18:41-44

Deut 28:12—30:11-19

The “Blessing” repreents the “bright” side of the Cloud for those who are “Obedient”.  Moses describes the blessing and the curse.  He describes the blessings that should come upon thee if thou are obedient: 1) Personal, 2) Family, 3) National.


The Blessings specifically:

1) The providence of God shall prosper you in your outward concerns.  These blessings are said to overtake them.

2) Good people sometimes under the sense of their unworthiness, are ready to fly from the blessing and conclude that it belongs not to them, but the blessing shall find them out and follow them notwithstanding.  Thus the blessing will overtake the righteous that say, Lord, when we saw the hungry and fed them?






Conditions of the Blessing:

1) Diligently hearken to the voice of Jesus Christ our God.

2) Use utmost endeavors to aquaint ourselves with the will of Jesus Christ our God.

3) Observe and do all his commandments. (v.13)

4) Walk in his ways, keep them forever. (v.9)

5) Do not go either right or left, no superstition, profanes, do no go after other gods.

6) Keep up Religion, both the form and the power, in the family and the nation, then God will not fail to bless.




The Year of 2016  between April 2016 and March 2017.

Things to Observe:

1) They should be safe and easy, a blessing which is resting upon your person wherever you are in the city or the field; whether your habitation is in town or country, whether they be husbandmen or tradesmen, whether your business calls you to the city or in the field, You are preserved from the dangers and have the comforts of your condition, this blessing shall attend you in your journeys going out and coming in.  Your persons should be protected and your affairs they  should succeed well.

NOTE: What dependence we have on Jesus Christ our God for continuance and comfort of this life.








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